May 21, 2022

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N.C. Supreme Court upholds Buncombe County parental rights termination

In January 2018, Lauren S. had a child, a baby referred to in court documents by their initials: K.R.M. (Because the case involves minors, the full names of the parents and children are withheld).   

K.R.M. was Lauren’s second child in two years. Almost immediately after K.R.M. was born, Buncombe County’s Department of Social Services filed a petition to take the baby away from Lauren, stating that the baby was a “neglected juvenile.” 

When Lauren learned that DSS was going to take her baby, she and the baby’s father, Wesley, threatened to sue social services, according to the department’s report. They grabbed the baby, but social services called hospital security, who took the baby from the parents and into DSS’s custody.  

Lauren and Wesley’s loss of K.R.M. represented the second time in two years that social services had taken a child out of their custody.