September 25, 2022

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Getting Your Home and Life Ready For Your New Addition

Getting Your Home and Life Ready For Your New Addition

Having a baby is an exciting time in your life. There is so much to think about and so much to play. It is important that you get your home, and your life ready for your new addition because, sure enough, things will soon start to change. When you take time to plan and prepare your home and your life, you can ensure that your journey into parenthood is as smooth and stress-free as possible. To get started then, what do you need to be focusing on?

Focusing on the Essential Supplies

From the diapers to the wipes, nappy cream, and bottles – the essentials matter! When you bring your new baby home for the first time, it can be overwhelming (you now have another little life to care for). To overcome these feelings of overwhelm, you have to ensure that you are prepared. Spend time buying the essentials, and spend time kitting out your nursery. When you have a newborn baby, the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around buying all those essentials that you should already have. To ensure that you get everything you need, go through what your day or new routine will look like with your new baby, and think about what you will need to use and apply within this day/new routine.

Getting Ready Ahead of Your Due Date

There are superstitions that you should not get ready before your due date. However, if you are not ready before your due date, you run the risk of never being ready, and then you run the risk of rushing around and causing yourself unnecessary stress and pressure in the process. Making to-do lists and getting your nursery, your home, and your life ready for your new addition will help you to feel a lot calmer and more in control.

Make Spaces and Rooms as Comfortable as Possible

When you look at your home or your current living spaces, you have to think about how comfortable they are. As a new parent, comfort for you and your baby is crucial. If you are not comfortable at home, then you will struggle to settle into a new routine quickly and easily. To get your home comfortable, you need to focus on adding little extras (not undertaking full renovation projects). For example, you could focus on dressing windows by adding some beautiful sunburst shutters or you could focus on updating the soft furnishings within a room. For example, adding new drapes, throws, or cushions.

Safety Within the Home is Important

As you are going around your home at the moment, what is safe, and what needs attention. Things that are OK for you and others within your household may not be OK for a new baby. Thinking ahead and looking at the first 12 months of your new baby’s life will help you to ready your home and make it as safe as possible. For example, moving any cleaning fluids up and out of the way will ease your mind (especially as your baby gets more mobile). Covering any electrical sockets or phone charge points and even putting softeners on sharp or hard furniture is essential.