May 17, 2022

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Every New Actor Cast In The Matrix: Resurrections

Ahead of its release at the tail end of 2021, the full cast for The Matrix 4 has now been revealed: here’s everyone involved in Resurrections and who they could be playing. Later this year, Matrix universe will open up once more with the release of a belated fourth movie, directed by Lana Wachowski and with Keanu Reeves returning as Neo. Despite the Wachowskis’ assertions in the wake of the release of The Matrix Revolutions that they had no desire to make another entry and the greenlighting of a spin-off from Zak Penn, the fourth installment in the high-concept sci-fi will land almost two decades after the trilogy ended.

For all of the rumors about reboots and spin-offs, The Matrix: Resurrections will be a continuation, and joining the Chosen One will be original trilogy stars Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian, and Jada Pinkett-Smith who is set to once more play Niobe. There have also been confirmations that neither Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) or Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) will return to reprise their roles, while Joe Pantoliano’s attempts to revive Cypher apparently fell on deaf ears. The first footage description out of CinemaCon suggests a sort of reboot, with Neo unaware of his past, but haunted by deja vu.

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Those returning stars will not be the only cast members, of course, and director Lana Wachowski’s promise that The Matrix 4 will be “absolutely crazy” will be delivered in part by a raft of new actors and, presumably, wholly new characters. Though, if rumors are to be believed, there may be some familiar names attached to the incoming actors. But who are the new stars who have been cast?

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II joined the cast of The Matrix 4 in October 2019 in what was called an unknown lead role after Lana Wachowski spent several days meeting with potential actors. After breaking out in Netflix’s The Get Down, Abdul-Mateen went onto roles in the likes of The Greatest Showman, Aquaman, Watchmen, and upcoming sequels for Candyman and Aquaman.

Quite who he’s playing in The Matrix 4 has been a matter of serious debate, with early persistent rumors that he would be playing a young Morpheus in Fishburne’s absence countered by claims that he would only be linked to the character as either a son or nephew. The first footage of The Matrix: Resurrections shown at CinemaCon actually seems to suggest Mateen will be playing Young Morpheus after all, after he was shown seemingly guiding Neo out of his ignorance to the Matrix.

Neil Patrick Harris

Having gained plaudits as not one but three separate great TV characters (Doogie Howser, Barney Stinson, and Count Olaf), Neil Patrick Harris joined the cast of The Matrix 4 as its second new addition in October 2019. Again, his role was, inevitably, kept under wraps, but the footage shown at CinemaCon revealed that Harris would be playing Keanu Reeves’ character Thomas’ therapist within the Matrix simulation. Presumably there will be more to his character.

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Harris has been tied up with making A Series Of Unfortunate Events for Netflix in recent years but has sporadically appeared in films, including A Million Ways To Die In The West, Gone Girl and Downsizing to somewhat varied responses. He has The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent opposite Nic Cage coming up as well as Anita, the biopic focused on former beauty queen and singer Anita Bryant.

As for who he’s really playing, one theory, based on his work as Count Olaf suggests that Neil Patrick Harris will be playing the villain of The Matrix 4, perhaps as a replacement for the absent Agent Smith. Could his role as therapist be hiding his control over Neo?

Jessica Henwick

Iron Fist‘s Jessica Henwick was the third in a quick-fire round of casting announcements in October 2019, joining The Matrix 4 in another unnamed role. Given her history playing Colleen Wing for Netflix’s MCU arm, logic would point towards her playing an action-oriented character.

The casting announcement suggested Henwick’s would be a lead role, with some buzz of her being a “Neo-like character”, so it may be that she and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II lead The Matrix 4 initially in the absence of Keanu Reeves’ Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity, who are presumably still dead. Henwick’s break came in Iron Fist, and after a quiet period following that show’s cancellation, she appeared in Underwater opposite Kristen Stewart and will join the monster fight for 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Quantico breakout star Priyanka Chopra Jonas is another of the new intake of actors for The Matrix 4 and, again, details on her role are under wraps for now. There was, however, no firm mention of her being a lead character accompanied her announcement.

Chopra Jonas made history starring in Quantico, as the first Indian-born actor to star in the lead of a primetime network series. Her work drew considerable acclaim and a People’s Choice Award. It also led to a role in Amazon TV show Citadel opposite Richard Madden, which had threatened to stop her accepting the part in The Matrix 4. Scheduling conflict worked out, she is free to join the cast in a mystery role.

Jonathan Groff

Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter Season 2 Netflix

In December 2019, Frozen and Hamilton star Jonathan Groff joined the cast of The Matrix 4 in another unnamed role. The two Disney-linked hits coupled with his lead performance in Mindhunter make him a hot property even with limited movie credits to his name.

Perhaps given his involvement in Mindhunter and the nature of his rather clipped performance as Holden Ford on the Netflix show, there are some rumors that Groff is again taking an agency route for a new take on Agent Smith. Previous Smith incumbent Hugo Weaving was due to return, but a scheduling conflict put paid to that, so there should be some question over the character’s continued involvement. And since Smith can appear in any form, the possibility that he’ll be played by one of the new cast

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That would be a significant departure for Jonathan Groff from Frozen, but he has played a villain of sorts before in Glee, and his work in Mindhunter and The Normal Heart prove he has the acting chops required.

Christina Ricci

The Matrix 4 casts Christina Ricci

Back in June 2021, The Addams Family and Casper star Christina Ricci was added to the cast of The Matrix 4 in a mystery role. Speculation on her role has ranged as widely as her being an in-universe representative of Warner Bros in line with rumors that the belated sequel is embracing meta fiction for its plot.

Toby Onwumere

Teaming back up with Lana Wachowski after working with her on Sense8Toby Onwumere also joined the cast of The Matrix 4 in December 2019 with the report once more citing an unknown role.

He’s somewhat less well-established than the other cast members revealed so far, but also played the recurring role of Kai on the fifth season of Empire.

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In purely speculative terms, if there is indeed a time travel element, perhaps Lana Wachowski has sought to cast younger versions of Morpheus’ Nebuchadnezzar crew. That would place Onwumere nicely as a possibility for the younger Dozer, previously played by Anthony Ray Parker in The Matrix. Alternatively, of course, he could play one of Dozer’s two children.

Max Riemelt

Another Sense8 alumnus, German actor Max Riemelt will reteam up with Lana Wachowski in The Matrix 4 for another unconfirmed role. He has had a long career in Germany across both television and film as an actor and director and recently starred in BBC war drama World On Fire opposite Sean Bean.

Eréndira Ibarra

Like The Matrix 4 co-stars Max Riemelt and Toby Onwumere, Eréndira Ibarra joins the cast in another Sense8 reunion with director Lana Wachowski. The Mexico born actor is also in an unnamed role having played Daniela Velázquez in the first and second seasons of Sense8.

Brian J. Smith

Also from Sense8, Brian J. Smith reunites with director Lana Wachowski on The Matrix 4 having starred on the Netflix show as Chicago police officer Will Gorski. Again veiled behind an undisclosed role so far, Smith is another to have starred in the BBC’s World On Fire as well as in Bourne franchise offshoot Treadstone and appeared in Quantico alongside The Matrix 4 co-star Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

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Andrew Caldwell

Former Hannah Montana and iZombie star Andrew Caldwell joins The Matrix 4 in an unspecified role having recently starred in Eli Roth produced thriller Haunt and little-seen sequel Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

Ellen Hollman

Having starred mostly in supporting roles on television and in movies including SpartacusRoad House 2, and The Scorpion King 4, Ellen Hollman comes to The Matrix 4 as the least recognizable of the new cast members. Her role too is currently under wraps.

Telma Hopkins

Telma Hopkins Young and the Restless

Telma Hopkins was quietly added to the cast, again in an unnamed role. She’s a veteran of TV having previously appeared in Family Matters and its revival, and The Young & The Restless. If the suggestion that The Matrix Resurrections is recasting several characters, Hopkins would fit the bill for playing the Oracle.

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