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Ark Survival Progressed Update 2.64 Patch Notes for August 5

Ark Survival Advanced update 2.64 is now live and it is a new hotfix for all platforms with some minor new additions.

Ark Survival Progressed is a familiar identify for open up-environment survival enthusiasts. The sport was to start with launched as an Early Accessibility venture on Steam, then expanded around time with new content updates.

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Inspite of operating on a sequel for the activity, the builders continue to continue to assist Ark Survival Advanced in the scenario of articles and improving upon the in general encounter.

Not long ago, the recreation acquired a new hotfix update that wipes out a ton of technical issues and bugs on both of those Laptop and console variations of the recreation.

Down below, you can have a look at the patch notes of the new update:

ARK: Summer Bash 2021



ARK: Summer time Bash 2021





Ark Survival Progressed Update 2.64 Patch Notes

Console Patch Notes

  • Mounted a bug where you could get inaccurate taming performance on some creatures
  • Fixed Megalodon gestation time (as soon as once again matches Megaloceros)
  • Fastened some placement concerns with some trophies
  • Set some instances in which specific Explorer Notes would not participate in when accessed by using the Explorer Be aware UI
  • Set a bug wherever HLNA crafting Explorer Notes would not unlock when making use of unique people on the identical account
  • Fixed some situations on Genesis Component 1 where by the Explorer Notes would not unlock effectively on the server
  • Preset a situation in which wild Snow Owls would not be ready to attack
  • Fixed HLNA opacity options not affecting her motion SFX
  • Fastened a bug in which you could not craft TEK Replicator on Genesis Section 1
  • Mounted a bug where by gamers could move Netted Creatures
  • Fixed some circumstances where by the Noglin could attach in circumstances it should not, and some circumstances where right after a Noglin has connected it would be in a damaged condition.
  • Fixed a bug on the Starwing Strike mission exactly where your digital camera could get trapped utilizing a gamepad
  • Mounted a situation wherever gamers in some cases did not get their race creatures/canoe.
  • Fastened a bug wherever some saddle engrams have been missing from their respective crafting stations
  • Fixed a bug exactly where some items with overlays would bring about critical visible difficulties in split display
  • Preset a bug the place defeating King Kaiju wouldn’t display screen on your implant
  • Set a bug where Baryonyx wouldn’t regenerate health and fitness on killing fish
  • Mounted a bug with Brontosaurus IK
  • Fixed some amount style associated bugs these kinds of as holes, floating foliage, incorrect volumes, incorrect destruction multipliers.
  • Set a bug the place gamers would be not able to remount the Voidwyrm if the participant was killed all through the taming approach
  • Mounted a bug causing visible artifacts in h2o
  • Preset a bug in which some wild creatures wouldn’t be ready to problems each individual other
  • Fastened a bug wherever you wouldn’t be ready to use ‘0000’ as a valid pin on Force Plates & TEK Sensors
  • Fastened a bug exactly where Lamp Post, Omni Lights, and TEK Lights were being obtaining their choices reset when you would leave stasis/render length
  • Fastened a bug which allowed the Zero G buff to persist outdoors of the room biome
  • Set & shielded against various exploits
  • Preset & safeguarded in opposition to various server and consumer crashes
  • Mounted some server stalls
  • Preset some circumstances in which players could get into a desync point out
  • Mounted a bug which brought about unclaimed newborn dino corposes to slide as a result of the map when killed
  • Fixed a bug in which Shadowmane could do bigger than supposed destruction in some circumstances
  • Mounted a bug where turrets that were driven by the “Copy Settings” element would not instantly convert again on when the generator they ended up driven by was refueled.
  • Preset a bug which designed players not able to use the TEK Sword demand skill when the Shoulder Cannon was equipped
  • Fixed some false favourable anti-mesh detection
  • Preset some instances where by certain constructions had been not respecting Tribe Rank Procedures
  • Mounted a bug the place the Egg Incubator would not exhibit stats for specific creature eggs, these types of as the Bloodstalker and Megachelon
  • Fastened a bug where by Cryopod UI would screen improperly display screen hidden colour areas
  • Preset a bug which prevented TEK Skiffs from currently being crafted thanks to nearby Voidwyrms
  • Fixed a bug which prevented assets from respawning owing to nearby Voidwyrms
  • Set a bug which prompted Gacha’s to supply the completely wrong fungal wood
  • Preset some more edge situations in which Noglins’ could even now fly sure traveling creatures beneath water
  • Fixed some far more edge situations where by mission details could have been misplaced
  • Prevented getting ready to drop eggs in the non-overworld Mission zones (this kind of as Survive The ARK)
  • Preset some exploits
  • Preset some server and shopper crashes
  • Fixed some VO Bugs
  • Preset some PVE exploits
  • Mounted a bug in which the Noglin chibi was generally in its default animation
  • Preset a bug where Genesis Portion 1 Missions could not be tracked
  • Mounted a bug in which the Mini Gun would reset to primitive quality right after server restarts
  • Unofficials can now enable added dupe security using the following commandline: -UseItemDupeCheck (Note: this could have an impact on mods, so use with caution)
  • 6x Composition Destruction has been taken out from vents on Genesis Component 2
  • Exintction Explorer Take note #21 has been moved so it is no for a longer time in the mesh
  • Prevented being equipped to establish via Mission Dispatchers on Genesis Aspect 2
  • Noticeably decreased the delay when transferring merchandise in between inventories or dropping objects on the floor (a facet outcome of a crash and stall linked fix from the preceding patch)
  • Noglins can connect to flyers and use them in non-flyzones but not underwater
  • Internet immunity cooldown greater from 10 seconds to 30 seconds
  • When releasing a dino from a cryopod on servers using bEnableCryopodNerf, the creature will not be equipped to be netted for the length of that buff. On Official PvP, this is set to 10 seconds.
  • Plant Species R decay timer has been amplified to 20 days
  • TEK Sensor and canvas now respect enemy foundation variety
  • Produced some tweaks to the Starwing Strike race so it can no lengthier be finished without having going the Astrodelphis.
  • Creatures spawned by Hunt Missions can no lengthier be netted
  • Manufactured some stability tweaks to Entice and Hunt missions to lessen all round issues
  • Race missions prep time has been doubled
  • Shadowmane can no for a longer time jump/blink when it has C4 attached to it (likewise to the Managarmr)
  • Up to date some textual content string to be far more accurate
  • Two new admin commands:
    • Cheat AddChibiExp
    • Cheat AddChibiExpToPlayer

Computer system Patch Notes

  • Fastened some exploits.
  • Set a bug that prevented players from restoring goods in Dino Inventories that functioned as Smithy.
  • Fixed a bug that prompted the Charge Lantern to drop good quality when positioned and picked up.
  • Set a bug that prevented some boss flags from remaining positioned.
  • Fastened some voiceover bugs.
  • Mounted some PVE Exploits.
  • Preset some incorrect spawns with Summoner.
  • Fixed some spots that prevented Megachelon from constructing.
  • Preset some shopper stalls when utilizing the TEK Incubator.
  • Fixed a bug which could result in merchandise to be lost in the Loadout Mannequin when applying a non-survivor dermis.
  • Mounted a bug wherever gamers had been getting killed when moving into a mission mounted from a Stegosaurus.
  • Mounted a bug where some Explorer Notes would repeat on their own on unlock.
  • Reworked the Shadowmane leap so that it operates greater on servers with minimal framerate and mounted a bug where it would soar much too considerably in some cases
  • Taken out some redundant possibilities in metallic elevator system multi-use wheel
  • TEK Stryder beds are now named just after the TEK Stryder alone
  • Produced some balance tweaks to Lure and Hunt missions to cut down in general difficulty

Ark Survival Evolved is now readily available on PS4, Xbox 1, and Personal computer. The sport is playable on PS5/Xbox Series X|S by way of the backward compatibility aspect.

The developer guiding the sport is now in the end targeted on building Ark 2, which was formally introduced all through The Sport Awards 2019. Since then, the activity has not acquired any new showcase so much.

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