August 13, 2022

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30 Summer time Motivated Little one Names

Summer is a single of the most fascinating periods of the 12 months with its very long heat days and fun routines. If you are searching for a summer themed identify, appear no further! Listed here is a compilation of monikers that seize the essence of this gorgeous time of year – names with meanings associated to heat, the sun, water, and far more!

Ardelle – A Latin identify that means “warm.”

August – Just one of the summer time months and an English name that means “Great, To Maximize.”

Bay – Summer months is generally involved with h2o, so this word naming indicating “Sea Inlet” is a superior suit!

Calida – Spanish name that means “warm.”

Ciro – An Italian title that means “Of the Sunlight.”

A person is walking on a beach holding a fishing pole with the sun setting behind them over the water
Spring Lake, New Jersey Seashore at Sunrise

Coral – Coral is the English term for the reef development. The French title Coralie also evokes a summery graphic!

Cove – A different English water related phrase name that indicates “Small Coastal Inlet.”

Dorian – A Greek identify this means “From the Sea.” Its roots are similar to an historical district in Greece, a famous hero named Dorus, and the ancient Dorian individuals.

Dylan – A Welsh title with the meaning “Son of the Sea.”

Éliane – A French title indicating “The Sun” with attainable relation to the Roman cognomen Aelius.

Elio – A Spanish name that indicates “The Sunshine.”

Idalia – A Spanish title that means “Sun” and also a location title.

Julius – The summertime month of July is named right after Julius Caesar, and the title indicates “Youthful, Downy.”

June – The very first thirty day period in summer season. June is named just after Juno the goddess of really like, relationship, and childbirth.

A white statue of the goddess Juno
Juno Vatican, Rome. Brooklyn Museum Archives, Goodyear Archival Collection

Kai – A Hawaiian identify that suggests “ocean.”

Lavender – This is the English name for the purple flowering plant that blooms in summertime.

Leo – In astrology Leo is the sign for all those born involving July 23rd and August 22nd. It is a Latin title meaning “Lion.”

Lir – An Irish name which means “The Sea,” it is the identify of a sea god in Irish mythology. The Welsh counterpart is Llyr.

Lumina – A Slavic name that usually means “sunshine.”

Malia – The Hawaiian version of Mary, which suggests “Of the Sea” or “Bitter”. Malia is the title of Barack Obama’s eldest daughter.

Marisol – A Spanish identify that indicates “Sun, Sea.”

Ocean – The ocean is typically affiliated with summer time and the word is at first Greek. The French identify Océane is a wonderful spinoff!

Ravi – Ravi is an Indian identify this means “Sun.”

Samson – A Hebrew title this means “Sun” or “Service” and is the title of a prominent biblical determine.

Soleil – A French phrase which means “Sun.”

A field of lavender
Lavender fields near Hitchin, England.

Sorley – An English identify that signifies “Summer Traveller” or “Viking” and was initially a surname.

Summer – The supreme summer seasonal phrase identify!

Sunniva – A Scandinavian identify indicating “Sun Reward.” Saint Sunniva is a 10th century saint who was shipwrecked in Norway.

Thalassa – A Greek identify this means “The Sea.” Thalassa is the identify of the primeval spirit of the sea in Greek mythology.

Zinnia – A stunning flower that blooms all as a result of summertime.